Lansing Catholic Athletic 名人堂

Founded in 1996 with the inaugural class, the Lansing Catholic High School (LCHS) Athletic 名人堂 is back, inducting our next class in the fall of 2023. The 名人堂 will recognize individuals and teams for exemplary accomplishments, 贡献, and service to Lansing Catholic High School 体育运动. For each class of inductees, the 名人堂 will include nominations from our “Heritage Schools”: St. Mary’s High School, Resurrection, Gabriels, and O’Rafferty. Graduates from Lansing Catholic (Central) High School and our above Heritage Schools are encouraged to apply for the LCHS Athletic 名人堂. 

The Lansing Catholic High School Athletic 名人堂 Class of 2023 Induction will be part of our 2023 同学会 Festivities on Friday, 9月15日, 2023. 请访问 for more details. 


Student Athletes:

  • Jalen White C10 - Bowling
  • George Manson C81 - Football, Track, Wrestling
  • Erin Sachau C05 - Basketball, Soccer, Track

参与者: Mary Schafer-LCHS Girls' Golf Coach

团队: 2010, 2011, 2012 Girls' Golf 团队



  • Ralph Coleman M55 - Basketball 
  • Gino Baldino G70 - Basketball
  • Joe Joseph C87 - Football
  • Jodie Every C99 - Softball
  • Rachel Kirvan C01 - Cross Country & Track
  • Allison Strouse C06 - Cross Country & Track
  • Andrea Doneth C06 - Basketball
  • Jacqueline Setas C14 - Golf


  • 雷雷曼
  • 比尔·理查森
  • 韦特中心


  • 1936 & 1937 St. Mary's Boys Basketball
  • 1937 & 1938 St. Mary's Boys Cross Country
  • 1957 Resurrection Football
  • 1969 Gabriels Football
  • 1970 O'Rafferty Boys Golf
  • 1995 Lansing Catholic Girls Basketball
  • 2012 Lansing Catholic Boys Track


  • Jim Siniropi C72
  • 比尔·马丁C75
  • Peggy (Thias) Kronner C77
  • David Vandenberg C80
  • Rita (Reifsnuder) Wieber C81
  • 鲍勃·法塔C86
  • Demond Winston C86
  • Wayne Mueller C88
  • Julie (Buda) Rule C89
  • Marcy Gillespie C90


  • 1975年冰球
  • 1976 Ice Hockey
  • 1985年足球
  • 1986年男子高尔夫


  • 菲尔·布斯
  • 玛丽邓拉普


  • 吉姆Kegle
  • Dominic and Margaret Perrone
  • 弗兰克·塔费尔


Inductees will be included in the LCHS Athletic 名人堂 based on the following three categories:

1. STUDENT-ATHLETES: Any person distinguished as a student-athlete at 华尔街日报/ HS.

  • An individual who earned at least one (1) varsity letter during their high school athletic career at
  • 华尔街日报/ HS
  • An individual who made a significant impact on 华尔街日报/ HS athletics:
    • An outstanding career
    • Demonstrated good character
    • Achieved acceptable academic standards
  • Graduated from 华尔街日报/ HS at least ten (10) years prior to nomination for the 名人堂.
    • Student-Athletes who pass away before graduation and student-athletes in good standing who leave school before graduation for circumstances beyond their control(ex: parents job transfer), may be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Additional criteria to be considered:
    • Individual honors
    • School record holder (High School/College/Professional)
    • Outstanding college and/or professional athletic accomplishments

2. CONTRIBUTORS TO THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT: An individual, athletic administrator, 教练, or staff member who has served 华尔街日报/ HS athletics for at least ten (10) years.

  • Individuals must be inactive for at least 3 years and/or 70+ years in age to be eligible for consideration
  • Contributors to the 华尔街日报/ HS Athletic Department who are not graduates, student-athletes, 教练, or administrators, 有资格.
  • Additional criteria to be considered:
    • Time and service to LCHS athletics
    • Number of years involved
    • Family/community involvement.

3. TEAMS: 团队 are not eligible for induction until ten (10) years after the completion of the successful season. Note: All State 锦标赛 团队 will be inducted 10 years after those seniors' graduation year.

  • ○ Criteria to be considered includes, but not limited to:
    • Undefeated season
    • 锦标赛
    • MHSAA tournament success

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If you are interested in sitting on the 名人堂 Committee, please contact Athletic Director, Mr. Kenny Goodrich at